Whether you'll be selling your services to transport companies or you plan to work directly with clients in need of having their goods transported, you'll need access to a reliable semi truck to fulfill your responsibilities and get paid. But you don't necessarily have to purchase a semi truck to go into business because you can always lease your truck long-term. Here are a few important reasons to consider doing so:

Enjoy Warranty Protection

You could expect to be protected by a manufacturer's warranty for the first few years after buying a new semi-truck, and you might be able to purchase an extended warranty for a used semi truck when buying one, but when the warranty runs out you will be responsible for all the repairs that are needed for your truck as time goes on.

When leasing semi trucks, you can enjoy warranty protection throughout your entire lease contract.

Whether it's an in-house warranty or one provided by a third-party when a problem arises with your leased semi truck you should be able to take it into the leasing company for repairs without having to worry about paying for them yourselves.

Don't Worry About Maintenance

Your semi truck will need to be regularly maintained to keep it in optimal working condition and to ensure that you can provide reliable transportation services to your customers. Regular maintenance will also help reduce unnecessary wear and tear is put on the truck, which means that you'll likely face the need for repairs less often in the coming years. Leasing a semi truck means never having to worry about taking care of maintenance yourself. Your leasing company will provide you with a maintenance schedule and you'll simply take the truck to a specified location for servicing when the time comes.

Keep Your Future Options Open

You are making a long-term commitment when purchasing a semi truck outright, but when leasing one you can always upgrade to a newer truck or choose one with different features once your lease contract is up. And you should be able to choose from a variety of lease terms to meet your needs, preferences, and expectations. If you think your business will grow quickly and you'll need a larger truck within the next year, sign a six-month lease. If you think the truck you'll be leasing will meet all your needs for the foreseeable future, consider signing a multi-year lease – you may be able to save yourself some money by getting a discount for committing long term.